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So I only saw the last half hour of that episode but it was so great!
Finally the truth about Whispers and her shady ass comes out.
So happy!!
But I am interested to find out what’s hellfire shard is. Something about a chosen vessel, chosen for what????

And Ichabod seems totally done with her so, thank god he’s finally waking up to what the hell’s going on with his shady ass wife.

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"I will not leave until I hear the truth from your lips."

- Ichabod finally realizing his beloved Katrina is shady af


Bout damn time

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I am applauding the screen

Fucking call her out Ichabod!!!
Don’t let her get away with this shit.

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To any CaptainSwan fans

Last nights episode has me wanting some smutty fics.
Send some recommendations maybe??

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Connor and Josh have matching shirts now #bestbuds #CaptainAmerica #loveit #puppy @jpk1995

Connor and Josh have matching shirts now #bestbuds #CaptainAmerica #loveit #puppy @jpk1995

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To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) Piano Cover

Something about this version of To Zanderkand is beautifully eerie. It truly makes my heart ache.

One of my favorite pieces of music.
I like how they dropped it down an octave, very cool.